Privacy and Cookies Policy

PinkAvenue works to ensure that your privacy is protected when using our services. We therefore have a policy setting out how your personal data will be processed and protected. Any changes we have made to this privacy policy can be found by visiting our website.

Personal Data

1. Our privacy policy describes the ways in which we collect, store use and protect your personal information and it is important for you to review this privacy policy. By “personal information” we mean information that can be associated with a specific person and can be used to identify that person. 2. We do not consider anonymized information to continue personal information as it cannot be used to identify a specific person. We collect personal information from you when you use PinkAvenue.Store or its related websites and services (“Site”) (including, without limitation, when you buy and sell items or participate in auctions or when you telephone or email our customer support team). By providing us with your personal information you expressly consent to us processing your personal information in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy. 3. We may amend our privacy policy at any time by posting a revised version on the Site. The revised version will be effective at the time we post it and, following such posting, you continued use of the Site will constitute your express consent to us continuing to process your personal information in accordance with the terms of our revised privacy policy. 4. We would encourage you to check the Site regularly for announcement of any amendments to our privacy policy.

1. Our collection of your personal information 2. Our use of your personal information 3. How we use your personal data 4. Who has access to your personal data 5. Accessing, reviewing and amending your personal information 6. Protecting your personal information

Our privacy policy covers the following topics:

How do we use your personal data?

We use the information that we collect to fulfill our commitments to you and to provide you with the service that you expect. This includes sending you information and offers for marketing purposes. In order to provide you with relevant offers and information, we may analyze your personal data. We will only keep your data for as long as necessary to carry out our services to you or as long as we are required by law. After this your personal data will be deleted.

Who has access to the data?

We never pass on, sell or swap your data to third parties for marketing purposes outside PinkAvenue. Data that is forwarded to third parties is only used to meet PinkAvenue commitments to you.

Accessing, reviewing and amending your personal information

1. You can access and review your personal information in the My Account section of the Site. If your personal information changes in any way or is incorrectly presented on the Site you should immediately update or correct your personal information (as applicable) by accessing the My Account section on the Site or, alternatively, by contacting our customer support team. The "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the site contains our form for any queries, and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible. 2. Please note that we shall retain your personal information during and following the end of your use of the Site as required to comply with law, for technical troubleshooting requirements, to prevent fraud, to assist in any legal investigations and to take any other actions otherwise permitted by law.

1. We hold your personal information on servers located in India. 2. By providing us with personal information, you consent to the transfer of your personal information to, and its storage on, our servers located in the UAE. We take every precaution to safeguard all your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. 3. All personal information is encrypted. However, the Internet is not a secure medium and we cannot guarantee the privacy of your personal information. 4. You must enter your username and password each time you want to access your account or make transactions on the Site. 5. Choose your password carefully using unique numbers, letters and special characters. 6. Never share your username and password with anyone. 7. If you are concerned that your username or password has been compromised, please contact our customer support team immediately and ensure you change your password by logging onto the My Account section of the Site.

Protecting your personal information