Zero makeup - Face Perfecting Makeup Palette

AED 189.00

Just 60 seconds to get you that flawless look! This magical make-up palette can be used as a: • Blending base • Concealer • Cream blush • Ultra cream powder • Lipstick Choose from different shades, as per your skin tone: 1. Procelian 2. Pearl 3. Ivory 4. Creme 5. Honey 6. Caramel 7. Mocha Apply in these 5 easy steps: 1. Use your finger to apply the concealer (located on the top left) under your eyes. This will surely conceal the dark circles and uneven skin. 2. Blend some foundation (top right) to smooth concealer lines until seamless 3. Dab a small amount of blush onto each cheek 4. Lightly pat colour onto your lips 5. Delicately powder face to lock in your look and give a mat finish Made with the finest ingredients in Germany/USA and Hypoallergenic/Dermatologist tested, Zero Makeup caters to all skin tones ranging from lightest to darkest. One palette for your entire face that gives you a natural no-make-up look anytime, anyplace. The colour blends in smoothly and can be used with any other make-up you have. It magically reduces fine lines, sun spots, dark circles, pigmentation and uneven skin tones. It is so compact it fits comfortably into your smallest clutch!